Crimea is the weakest point in Russia's defense, it will be liberated before Donbass, – Piontkovsky


Crimea is the weakest spot in Russia's defense, it will be liberated before Donbas, – Piontkovsky

According to Western media, the United States is ready to help Ukraine attack Crimea. The Russian occupiers will have to come to terms with the fact that they will soon lose the annexed peninsula.

Such opinionChannel 24expressed the Russian publicist and opposition politician Andrey Piontkovsky. According to The New York Times, the administration of US President Joe Biden began to admit that Ukraine needs weapons to attack the Russian military in the occupied Crimea

Therefore, Washington is considering the possibility of providing Ukraine with weapons to strike on the peninsula. As Piontkovsky noted, it is obvious that Ukraine will be able to return Crimea under its control.

Apart from its symbolic meaning, Crimea is objectively the weakest point in the Russian defense system. Crimea will be liberated even earlier than Donbass,” the publicist said.

Piontkovsky recalled that General Valery Zaluzhny emphasized the role of Crimea.

“Ukraine received weapons necessary for the liberation of Crimea”

In an interview with The Economist in December 2022, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that the temporarily occupied peninsula is the key to resolving the military conflict with Russia.

Zaluzhny listed the set of weapons needed by Ukraine for the de-occupation of Crimea. Most of this has already been provided to Kyiv – armored vehicles, howitzers, HIMARS, and tanks. All this is already there, – the oppositionist noted.

He expressed the hope that progress will also be made in providing Ukraine with long-range fire weapons. Piontkovsky suggested that, probably, there are already certain agreements on providing Ukraine with long-range weapons.

“Otherwise, the Russian occupiers would not have fortified Moscow with air defense means. Obviously, they are preparing for something very serious,” the publicist said.

Russia is preparing the foundation to announce his defeat

Piontkovsky noted that Russia is increasingly worried about the defeats in the war against Ukraine. In particular, even the most ardent Kremlin propagandists panicked.

“There is such a crazy propagandist Sergei Mikheev. He daily demanded to take Kyiv, Lvov or wipe London off the face of the earth. Now Mikheev sang in a completely different way,” the publicist said.

According to him, Mikheev suddenly began to speak that even if the Russian occupiers retreat to the borders of Ukraine in 1991, this will not be a defeat for Russia. Like, the Russians will “shrink like a spring” and will hate the West and “Kyiv neo-Nazis” even more.

As the opposition politician noted, the Kremlin’s moods are very clearly visible in such rhetoric.

Russia is already preparing an ideological justification for announcing its inevitable defeat. The word “defeat” is already hanging over Moscow,” Piontkovsky said.

He added that the air defense systems that the invaders placed on the roofs of the Ministry of Defense and other decision-making centers became evidence of Russia's defeat in the war.

Plans to de-occupy Crimea in brief

  • Ukraine seeks to liberate the Crimean peninsula, which Russia occupied in 2014. To do this, Kyiv asks the allies for long-range weapons.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky on January 19, during the Ukrainian Breakfast in Davos, noted that Ukraine seeks to obtain long-range systems in order to hit the occupiers in the temporarily occupied lands, and not territory of Russia.
  • As Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, said, Ukraine can receive GLSDB missiles with a range of 160 kilometers from its allies. This will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to reach the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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