Crimea took over: a series of explosions were reported in Dzhankoy


Crimea has taken over: a series of explosions have been reported in Dzhankoy

In the temporarily occupied Crimea on December 31, it is also loud, they report the sounds of explosions in Dzhankoy.

Local residents write that the reason for the explosions heard in Dzhankoy is allegedly the work of air defense. At the same time, the so-called “authority” has not yet commented on the incident and does not name the causes of the explosions.

Note that the explosions in Crimea thundered during a massive attack by Ukraine.

Sounds of explosions in Dzhankoy: video

“Take two”: Dzhankoy was already in a fever in August

Telegram channels reported that an attack could be the cause of the explosions drones on the Russian military base near the village of Mayskoye.

As our subscribers report, Ukrainian drones probably attacked the Russian base near the village of Maiskoye and the Azovsk station near Dzhankoy. This is take two – the first attack was on August 16, then the explosions and fire lasted almost a day, – the message says.

Cotton” in Dzhankoy/Photo social networks

So far, there is no official reaction from the Russian authorities of Crimea and the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding this situation. The Ukrainian military and officials have not yet commented on this event either.

Important! Since August, the sounds of explosions have been heard almost every day in Crimea and Sevastopol. The Russian authorities explain this by shooting at “Ukrainian drones” and “air defense work.” The Russian head of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, called drones the “main threat” to Crimea.

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