Criminal authority Somkhishvili was part of the schemes of the mayor of Odessa Trukhanov, – Kulik


Criminal authority Somkhishvili was part of the schemes of the mayor of Odessa Trukhanov, - Kulik

Criminal authority Tamaz Somkhishvili is a partner of Russian businessmen Alexander Zhukov and Boris Davletyarov, associated with the Gazprom, Rosneft and Transneft corporations. These entrepreneurs earned part of their capital in Odessa thanks to the current mayor Gennady Trukhanov.

This was stated by political scientist and director of the Center for Civil Society Studies Vitaly Kulik in his blog.

“Somkhishvili's Austrian company Power-Solutions Vertriebs was rewritten to Boris Davletyarov. Davletyarov owns the CIS Alliance group, which is engaged in particular in the development of oil and gas fields. Among its clients are Gazprom, Rosneft and Transneft. He also known for being a friend and partner of the Russian Alexander Zhukov. That is, like Somkhishvili, he is associated with the Russian-Odessa group of Angert-Zhukov-Trukhanov,” the author of the blog notes.

According to him, Davletyarov is a friend and partner of another Russian businessman Alexander Zhukov.

So, the owner of the Austrian company Somkhishvili, which was rewritten to Davletyarov, is a certain Gianni Mikhailov. Georgian criminal banker, accountant Somkhishvili. Mikhailov is the official owner of the operating Ukrainian company LLC VOSTOK XXI. The media write that this is the same company of Somkhishvili, to which Trukhanov’s entourage, by order of Tamaz Tobolsky, recorded the land squeezed into the Odessa hippodrome. Which was then sold to Adnan Kivan for development, – the political scientist continues.

The director of the Center for Civil Society Studies recalls the history of the criminal empire of Trukhanov-Zhukov-Angert.

“And now about who Zhukov is, the owner of the Odessa investment group Rost, the mother of the Trukhanov-Zhukov-Angert empire: according to a high-profile investigation by the Italian police and a later investigation by Hromadsky, Gennady Trukhanov’s political career began with the fact that he worked as a security guard for the well-known crime boss Leonid Minin, Minin's right hand was another thief, known by the nickname “Angel”, and the Russian Alexander Zhukov was in charge of the group's finances, the group was engaged in smuggling, selling weapons and organizing murders.Leonid Minin was arrested by the Italian police and received a prison term, Angert temporarily disappeared from sight, Zhukov settled in London and married his daughter Dasha to Roman Abramovich, and Gennady Trukhanov became the mayor of Odessa,” explains the author of the blog.

Vitaly Kulik also spoke about the oil schemes associated with Somkhishvili.

“In the early 90s, Zhukov created the Sintez company, which then turned into Sintez-Oil, and began trading in oil and oil products. In 1998, Zhukov began to cooperate with Lukoil – through Somkhishvili, who was one of In the early 2000s, the business was sold, and with the money earned in Ukraine, Zhukov and Boris Davletyarov became portfolio shareholders in Gazprom, Oschadbank and Transneft. Capital, transferred $1.5 million and saved Zhukova's start-up Artsy from closure. Most importantly, it was one of the main bridges through which the Kremlin established communication with Trump,” sums up Vitaly Kulik.

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