Crisis of the genre: why pro-Russian collaborators are always freaks


Genre crisis: why pro-Russian collaborators – are always freaks

Kirill Stremousov is an unlucky supporter of the “Russian world”/Social networks

Sometimes I hear the opinion that the occupied territories should be liberated as soon as possible so that the rashists do not gain a foothold there: that is, they do not completely introduce the ruble zone, do not fool the population with their TV and do not hold a fake referendum for joining the “Russian world”.

I also believe that the lands occupied by Ukrainians should be returned as soon as possible, but only in order to reduce the suffering of Ukrainians in the occupation, and not because the rashists will “strengthen”. Rather the opposite. And it's all about the quality of the management material that the occupiers are able to attract to cooperation.

Coward, Dunce and Experienced

For example, Gauleiter of the Zaporozhye region Eugene Balitsky. The fact that he is an ideological rashist is something like that. But he is completely mediocre, according to the reviews of his former colleagues from the Opposition Platform for Life, they did not nominate him to any leadership. He is from the series “do not steal, do not guard.”

I crossed paths with Balitsky on the air – this is definitely not a leader of the scale to fix something in Melitopol, especially during the war. But ambitions and aplomb go wild.

Vladimir Saldo, Gauleiter of the Kherson region, – they also intersected with him, on the contrary, a large-scale man. But he is a large-scale adventurer, which is worth only a story, whether he kidnapped his former partner in the Dominican Republic and tortured him, knocking out loot, or whether it was his partner who kidnapped him for the same purpose.

Well, what an exotic thing: the majority of fellow citizens have no idea where this Dominican Republic is on the map, and the confidant of the occupiers turned his scams there. And what, will he stop lining his pockets every day, especially considering that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are starting an attack on Kherson?

And the deputy of Saldo is wonderful – Kirill Stremousov, who used to be presented as a “victim of Bandera repressions”, while these repressions for some reason did not prevent him from running a pro-Russian YouTube channel. Stremousov is a truly fetid mixture of rashism, socialism and esotericism, where Blavatsky anoints Putin to the world kingdom of social justice. He can compose brain-shattering posts, but he is not capable of leading anything effectively.

A circus of freaks

I mean, the appointees of the occupiers will only aggravate the bad socio-economic situation in the occupied regions.

And another question is who will come first: either the occupiers will arrest them for primitive theft, or our partisans will nullify them for treason.

And a normal authoritative leader with the occupiers will not contact. In any case, the “Russian world” will not gain new supporters in the occupied territories.

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