Croatia to stop pumping oil for Serbian gas pipeline due to sanctions


Croatia will stop pumping oil for the Serbian gas pipeline due to sanctions

Croatia will stop pumping oil for the Serbian gas pipeline due to sanctions/Channel 24

< strong _ngcontent-sc83="">Croatian gas pipeline operator JANAF will suspend oil pumping to Serbia. This will happen from mid-May for an indefinite time.

The reason was that the Serbian oil company NIS is 56.15% owned by Russia's Gazprom Neft. And it came under EU sanctions.

They do not work directly with Russia

The company claims that it does not work directly on the Russian market.

The EU Council Decision on Sanctions also covers the crude oil transportation agreement that JANAF concluded with NIS for the period from January 1 to December 31, 2022. However, it cannot be further implemented from May 15, 2022 until the end of the restrictive measures, the company said.

The company is ready to coordinate work with consumer requests and look for alternative scenarios for working on the market.

Pay attention! The Croatian gas pipeline supplies oil to the Serbian oil company NIS. It is the largest in the region and in fact the only oil refiner and producer in the country. Gazprom Neft owns 56.15% of the company, 29.87% of shares in the state property of Serbia.

It should also be noted that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic made an ambiguous statement earlier. They say that the new restrictive EU measures regarding the energy sector of Russia do not hurt its interests or the European Union, but Serbia.

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