Cruise missiles are the most difficult target for air defense, – Zhdanov explained the peculiarity of this weapon


Cruise missiles – the most difficult target for air defense, – Zhdanov explained the peculiarity of this weapon

Zhdanov about cruise missiles/Channel 24 Collage

Russians fired Kalibr-type cruise missiles at Vinnitsa. Some of them shot down air defense, but a few hit civilian targets in the city center, many died there. According to experts, such missiles are the most difficult target for air defense.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told Channel 24 about this. He explained that, unfortunately, our air defenses have no countermeasures against cruise missiles.

Also, we cannot reach the Russian submarines that launch these missiles.

Why cruise missiles are the hardest target for air defense

Zhdanov says cruise missiles are the hardest an anti-missile target that we don't have.

Our air defense has learned a bit to shoot down these missiles, but it's very difficult because they don't fly mathematically trajectories and calculate very difficult. he said.

The expert said that a cruise missile can change course at any time. At the same time, radar stations (RLS) rely on the straightness of the missile's trajectory. “Therefore, it is very difficult to calculate the meeting point of a missile defense with a missile. And it takes time to raise fighter aircraft that can intercept cruise missiles,” he added.

In addition, such cruise missiles can fly at ultra-low altitude , which is a “dead zone” for any radar.

As for cruise missiles, the Russians know exactly why they are being released. For without the introduction of the coordinates of the target, this missile will not only not reach its target, it will not fly away at all,” the expert noted.

To this, Zhdanov replied that yes, in the issue of the supply of weapons they talk about anti-missile systems. In particular, we are talking about NASAMS and IRIS complexes.

If we get them, we will be able to cover the sky with them, although not completely. Where they are located, we will have missile defense, he said.

However, according to Zhdanov, the West is in no hurry with this, this is the only weapon that is the slowest in Ukraine.

“We can receive IRIS from Germany before the end of the year, and Sweden can transfer NASAMS only after production,” he added.

Watch the full interview with Oleg Zhdanov: Channel 24 video

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