Culminating days for PMC “Wagner” in Bakhmut: review of the front from Roman Svitan


Culminating days for PMC

The Institute for the Study of War reported that the Wagner offensive was probably nearing its climax. In addition, it is known that the losses of PMC Yevgeny Prigozhin reached 30 thousand killed and wounded.

Relevant information in the daily review of hostilities on Channel 24 was commented on by Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military expert Roman Svitan.

Prigozhin's losses

According to Roman Svitan, Yevgeny Prigozhin already needs to create a residence and a bunker for himself. After all, for these 30 thousand prisoners, whom he destroyed near Bakhmut, he will be asked. The military expert noted that these will be the people who are responsible for these prisoners.

“I think that now he has other problems and will solve completely different issues,” added Roman Svitan.

Where did the Russians stay in Bakhmut

A military expert said that in Bakhmut the Russians ran into a line of defense well chosen by our commanders. This is the highway Konstantinovka – Bakhmut. The Russians cannot even approach it, because our artillery is stationed there, tanks are working – the line is being held.

In addition, the military expert remembered that the enemies still ran into the Bakhmutka River. After all, there approaches are also well shot through. He called the non-ferrous metal processing plant the last frontier.

This is practically a metallurgical plant with several enterprises. It also has several floors – up and down. That is, it is very good to hold the line of defense with him, – Roman Svitan explained.

Non-ferrous metal processing plant / Screenshot

He added that these lines keep the Russians from further advances. Accordingly, the operational encirclement of the Bakhmut garrison is not threatened now.

“Bakhmut is now the hottest point. There, the Russians pulled up everything they had. The advance of manpower is no longer working, because they ran into lines. That is why they continue to work with artillery and aviation in a massive mode. Collecting everything they have there is, practically from the entire front line,” the military expert added.

Promotion to Slavyansk

Roman Svitan noted that the Russians are indeed moving towards Slavyansk. This is done very carefully, because they understand that the Bakhmut garrison was practically in their rear. Therefore, any advance to the northwest endangers their entire grouping.

Direction to Slovyansk / Screenshot

“That is why, trying to advance, (the Russians – Channel 24) try to somehow strengthen the flanks. It is very difficult, so they take few meters to advance,” the expert said.

News from the front: latest events

  • The situation in the Bakhmut region of Donetsk region is very tense. The Russian invaders continue to attack the city and try to destroy the logistics of the Ukrainian defenders.
  • Ukrainian defenders with the call signs “Gazda” and “Sparrow” under heavy enemy fire carried the wounded brethren on their shoulders.

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