Curfew tightened in Irpin


The curfew has been strengthened in Irpin< /p>Increased curfew will be in effect in Irpin/Illustrative photo from social networks

An enhanced curfew is introduced in Irpin for several days. The city will be blocked, entry and exit from the city will be available only to law enforcement officers.

Irpin Mayor Alexander Markushin notified the residents of Irpin about the enhanced curfew. It will operate from 6 am on April 12 to 9 am on April 15.

Enhanced security measures

According to Markushin, at this time the entrance to the city will be blocked. The exception will be law enforcement officers and rescuers according to the agreed list.

Those who go to Bucha will need to go around Irpin through Dmitrovka and Zabuchie.

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