Cyberpunk game with GTA II elements release date revealed

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Revealed the release date of the game in the style of cyberpunk with elements of GTA II

It became known when the cyberpunk game with elements of GTA II – Glitchpunk will be released.

The publisher was Daedalic Entertainment, while the title was being developed by Dark Lord. The game itself was unveiled back in late January and the company was expected to launch a pre-release version in the first half of 2021. But everything did not go according to plan and the developers did not have time to finish the game. Now it's finally revealed when the release of Glitchpunk will take place.

So, the game will receive early access in the digital distribution service Steam in less than a month – already on August 11. It is known that in early access, players will be able to find themselves only in two virtual cities – Texas and New Baltic. However, in the course of development, Moscow and Neo Tokyo will be added.

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