“Cyborg” Taras “Walter” Koval died in the battle for Ukraine


&quot ;Cyborg

Taras “Walter” Koval/Channel 24, Valentina Polishchuk

In an interview with Channel 24 before the war, he talked about the days of defending the Donetsk airport and his thoughts in the darkest days.

Taras was born in Kyiv and was a soldier of the 95th airmobile brigades. In an interview with the Channel 24 website, he spoke of protecting Ukraine as a duty. On the last night before the rotation, he recalled that various thoughts came into his head.

“It was a difficult night. There were such stupid thoughts that I might never return. Because for the entire period there was the most intense artillery shelling. The building itself began to partially collapse. I remember a conversation that was closer to the morning. We were waiting for the arrival of the column – a dilapidated building, dirty, everything is shabby and there is a sign “Arrival” and “Departure” – marking zones, as in all airports. Then in such a joke came to my mind: “I will never use Donetsk airlines, it’s cold, hungry, flights are delayed.” We all laughed,” he recalled.

With the outbreak of Russia’s war against Ukraine, he again stood up for the state. We express our condolences and believe that Ukraine will win.

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