Czech Republic and Slovakia are ready to transfer German Leopard tanks to Ukraine – media

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The Czech Republic and Slovakia are ready to transfer German Leopard tanks to Ukraine — Media

Slovakia and the Czech Republic support the idea of ​​supplying Ukraine with heavy German-made Leopard 2 main battle tanks. Both countries have already delivered dozens of their own Soviet-style tanks to Kyiv.

Slovakia and the Czech Republic are ready to transfer to Ukraine the Leopard tanks provided by Germany. As part of the so-called ring exchange, Berlin agreed to replace them in smaller numbers with refurbished Leopard 2A4s, that is, not the newest versions.

This is reported by the German edition of FAZ.

It is noted that the first of these tanks were allegedly delivered to Prague and Bratislava in December. Now the training of the crew has even begun. In general, according to the plan, Berlin should supply two tanks per month.

The publication notes that today, January 20, during a meeting in the Ramstein format, the parties can agree on the supply of tanks for Ukraine. We are talking about 30 Leopard tanks that were bought up and put into storage by the industry after decommissioning from warehouses in Switzerland and Germany.

Recall that British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that one of the countries that has German Leopard 2 tanks, officially requested Germany's permission to transfer this equipment to Ukraine.

In addition, the new German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius himself does not exclude that the FRG will provide Ukraine with Leopard tanks or allow other countries armed with such tanks to re-export them to Ukraine.

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