Czech Republic does not plan to transfer compensated Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine


Czech Republic does not plan to transfer compensated Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

Ukraine's partners are openly discussing the possibilities and ways of supplying modern German Leopard 2 tanks to our state. However, their deliveries are sometimes attributed to countries that do not plan to do so .

In particular, such plans are also attributed to the Czech Republic, which allegedly plans to transfer them in exchange for American Abrams tanks. However, the communications department of the Czech Ministry of Defense emphasized that this information is not true.

False assumptions about Leopard 2

Some foreign media reported that “the Czech Republic and Slovakia, apparently, are ready to abandon the Leopard 2 tanks in favor of Ukraine.” However, the Czech Defense Ministry stressed that this information is not true. Moreover, the Czech Republic was not asked to provide these tanks, which it will receive from Germany as compensation for helping Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense also stressed that this was not discussed at the Ramstein meeting, either. which took place on January 20.

Nothing of the kind was discussed at today's meeting of the so-called defense contact group at the American Ramstein base, where representatives of five dozen countries discussed further military support for Ukraine , – noted in the communications department of the Ministry of Defense.

Also in the information field there was an assumption that the Czech Republic could provide Ukraine with Leopard 2 in exchange for American Abrams tanks. However, this information is also false.

How the Czech Republic will help

On the eve of the Ramstein meeting, ministers from 9 countries of the world condemned Russian aggression in Ukraine and pledged to provide our state with everything necessary for victory in this war. Among them was the Czech Republic.

It will continue to provide Ukraine with military materials. Thus, the defense enterprises of this country are working to increase the production of large-caliber ammunition, howitzers and armored personnel carriers.

The maintenance of already delivered equipment was also named one of the key components of Czech assistance.

Czech military assistance for Ukraine: what is known

  • It should be noted that the Czech Republic is actively helping Ukraine in the war. And although there is no talk of Leopard 2 yet, it recently became known that this country will transfer other tanks, namely the T-72. Together with them, the Treva 30 evacuation vehicle will be handed over to Ukraine.
  • It is curious that the Czech Republic became the first country where ordinary people bought a modernized T-72 AVANGER for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In autumn, over a month, Czech activists raised more than $1.3 million, with which they bought not only a tank for Ukraine, but also ammunition for it.
  • Since the start of a full-scale war, the Czech Republic has also become one of the most generous suppliers of artillery. She handed over to Ukraine about 30% of all her artillery systems. She also donated about 15% of armored vehicles.

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