“Daggers” brought over the Mediterranean

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The Yankees hoped that this was a PR campaign with the aim of intimidation and that the supply of the latest complexes to the troops was far away. But the other day, a pair of MiG-31K with “Daggers” on board landed at our base in Khmeimim in Syria. They will be tested in difficult climatic conditions and will exercise control over the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, where a group of Russian warships recently arrived via the Bosphorus.

And their mighty comrade, the nuclear submarine K-329 “Belgorod”, went for sea trials from Severodvinsk. On board the submarine is the Poseidon system (Status-6). This is a torpedo-shaped mini-robotic submarine. The tremendous speed at a depth of 1 km and stealth technology make it virtually invulnerable to interception. According to the President of the Russian Federation, if necessary, it can inflict a crushing blow on US port cities.


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