Dangerous errors when charging a smartphone are listed

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Dangerous errors when charging a smartphone are listed

Elvina Nasibulina, an analyst-researcher of digital products at Roskachestvo, listed dangerous mistakes when charging a smartphone, which can lead to premature wear of the phone's battery. She is quoted by Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

The expert advised not to leave the smartphone on charge at night, but to charge the gadget before going to bed, and then turn on the economy mode. She also urged not to charge the phone in rooms with too high or too low temperatures.

Nasibulina added that one should not use “universal chargers” from China. She advised using original adapters. Also, users are not recommended to wait until the gadget is completely discharged. “It should be remembered that a situation is considered ideal for a smartphone battery when its charge does not fall below 20 percent and does not rise above 80 percent,” the expert added.

Earlier, cybersecurity specialist Andrei Masalovich told Russians a simple rule of safe storage of data on a smartphone. “You can store any data without restrictions, but the simplest rule is that everything that you are ready to store in your mailbox at the entrance can also be stored in your phone,” the expert explained.

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