Dangerous stuffing: why, according to the Washington Post, Ukraine is “not ready” for a counteroffensive


Dangerous stuffing: why, according to the Washington Post, Ukraine is “not ready” for a counteroffensive

On the eve of the expected spring offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the influential American publication The Washington Post published an article with ambiguous wording and conclusions. Otherwise, as a nasty provocation, this event is difficult to regard. Read more in the exclusive blog for Channel 24 website.

The evolution of attitudes towards the war in Ukraine

Ukraine is now going through a difficult period in its recent history. We make huge human sacrifices at the front, not only defending our freedom, but also being at the epicenter of the collision of Western civilization with the “Axis of Evil” (which we wrote about earlier). We protect the entire Western World.

On the one hand, the WP article does a good job of describing the enormous difficulties that Ukraine has faced, referring to communication with the military with the call sign “Kupol”. But, on the other hand, this entire article is permeated from beginning to end with Kremlin narratives, although it is addressed not to the Muscovite public, but to the American reader.

The evolution of the vision of war has come a long way both in the American media and in the American political community. In the first days of the war (and even before it began), the thesis about “the capture of Kyiv in 3 days” and “the fall of Ukraine in a week” dominated. Western intelligence officers and analysts so convinced the governments, the military and themselves of this scenario of events that the only types of weapons supplied to Ukraine at that time were man-portable anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems. We were prepared for guerrilla warfare…

In the middle of the year, after the successes of the Ukrainian military near Kyiv and the Kharkov region, the tone changed. However, the leitmotif of most conversations and publications was still this: “You understand that Russia is a great state, and its army is much larger. They have unlimited mobilization potential, and you will never defeat them on the battlefield.”

Disguised propaganda

Such publications appeared not only on the pages of the influential WP, but also in well-known editions of Politico and the New York Times. And these, it would seem, are democratic mouthpieces! What can we say about the sympathizers of Donald Trump and some of his party members who sincerely hate Ukraine and demand an immediate stop to “senseless spending”. They use media platforms and well-known hosts like Tucker Carlson to promote their ideas: “Nothing threatens America!”

This kind of sophisticated propaganda, disguised as understanding and sympathy for Ukrainians, is much more dangerous. “Poor Ukrainians suffer greatly in the war. They have run out of both weapons and fighters, they must immediately sit down at the negotiating table with Vladimir Putin and negotiate peace.” This is the Kremlin narrative that a group of authors led by Isabella Khurshudyan (a journalist, judging by her surname, of Armenian origin, working with accreditation in Ukraine) stretches out in their article. They do this just before the decisive stage of the war, on the eve of the adoption of decisions that are extremely important for us on the allocation of regular military assistance.

Another seemingly democratic edition of The New Your Times published an article citing “secret intelligence sources” about organized explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines. A little later, the publication Politico talked about the conflict between Ukraine and the United States and the emergence of “little cracks” (little fissures) in relations.

All these pro-Kremlin narratives have only one goal – to stop aid to Ukraine, to force them to sit down at the negotiating table with the aggressor, to give the half-broken Russian army “rest and regroup”.

The only way out for Ukraine is a counteroffensive

Yes, it must be admitted that the political elite in the United States is not 100% a “concentrate of support” for Ukraine. And this is not only about 40 so-called “Trumpists” in the US Congress, who from the very beginning of the war have advocated isolationist ideas.

Let's remember the “statement of thirty” Democratic (leftist) senators last year. True, they very quickly (literally the day after the publication) withdrew their shameful statement after “explanatory work” by President Joe Biden. However, they have not disappeared anywhere, just as the idea of isolationism itself is by no means new.

In the United States, even during the Second World War, some politicians and members of Congress were in favor of non-intervention in the “conflict in Europe.” In recent US history, such isolationists have been Trump and even, to a large extent, Democrat Barack Obama. It seemed appropriate for both to stop spending money on NATO support and focus on domestic problems.

All publications in the mentioned publications strangely coincided with the preparations for Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow. It was the head of the Chinese Communist Party, re-elected for the third term of the chairmanship of the party, who took the initiative and published his vision for peace on the anniversary of the full-scale invasion. Building the policy of his empire in the new bipolar world, “emperor” Xi, of course, has his own vision of how the world and the world in Ukraine should be. He does not like Russia's loss “on US terms”, and therefore he is “ready to make some sacrifices.”

At the same time, clearly articulating the theses about “territorial integrity” and “sovereignty”, Xi, of course, means Taiwan first of all, and not Ukraine. However, with the official publication of a new version of the map of China, approved by the government of the PRC, China outlined not only “the province of Taiwan with its capital in Taipei”, but also the historical territory in the north and northeast, which included (for reference) significant territories of present-day Russia, in particular Transbaikalia and the Far East.

All these are elements of a great game that the world has entered, its denouement is approaching every day. One thing is clear: the war must not be “ended”, but won! Despite the “barking of dogs” in some media, our “caravan is moving forward”, Ukraine continues to receive assistance and is preparing for a big counteroffensive. Because we have no other choice.

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