Dark mode proved to be useless for saving smartphone battery

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Dark mode proved to be useless for saving smartphone battery

A new study from Purdue University found that switching your phone to dark mode does not significantly reduce power consumption.

The researchers used six applications for the tests – Calculator, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google News, Google Phone, and YouTube. They used a tool called Per-Frame OLED Power Profiler (PFOP) for the assessment. Scientists have looked at how dark mode affects the minute that each app is active on the Pixel 2, Pixel 4, Pixel 5, and Moto Z3.

The authors found that switching from normal mode at 30-50% brightness to dark mode saved an average of 3 to 9% energy on all tested devices. Of course, if you switch from a fully bright screen to a dark mode, the savings will turn out to be more significant – up to 47%. But many users already choose not to turn on 100% brightness.

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