'Deadliest' F-16 Pilot Calls Russian Su-35s Rubbish


'Deadliest' F-16 Pilot Calls Russian Su-35s Rubbish

US F-16 pilot Lt. Col. (ret.) Dan Hampton compared Russian Su-35s to American F-16s. In particular, the pilot noted that the F-16 is modular.

That is, when a new technology appears, you need to pull out the old box and insert a new one. Also American Fighter is very easy to use.

What the US pilot said about the Russian Su-35

Dan Hampton stated, comparing the F-16 against the Su-35, that his opinion and the opinion of most professional fighter pilots is that the Su-35 is a typical Russian aircraft and it looks beautiful.

They paint it beautifully, put all sorts of cool stars and everything else. But deep down, it's really not such a beautiful plane. It looks good at an airshow, but my personal opinion is that it is junk, said “the deadliest F-16 pilot.”

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Dan Hampton, call sign Two Dogs, explained that:

  • the Russian Su-35 doesn't even have AESA , an advanced electronically scanned active phased array radar that is 30 years ahead of the radar on the Su-35;
  • The Su-35 is very large and has two smoking engines. Because it is easy to see. This plane is easy to pick up on the radar and shoot it with a long-range missile. And if you get close to him, he is visible 10 miles before he sees you, if you ever get into close air combat;
  • other systems aboard the Su-35 are also typical Russian marketing. Therefore, they are easy to drown out. The US and allies use it extensively;
  • US aircraft are more tenacious compared to the Su-35.

I would not bet on the Su-35 or any Russian-made aircraft in combat,” said Dan Hampton.

He also added that the Ukrainian air force is on the defensive. And the MiG-29, which NATO refers to as the Fulcrum, was built for point defense.

“In fact, it has enough fuel to take to the air, do something for a short time, and then descend. Perhaps the Ukrainians have modified their own, but Russian planes cannot stay in the air for a long time at all,” the US pilot said.

Poland to hand over Mi-29 to Ukraine

  • On March 16, Polish President Andrzej Duda said during a press conference that in the coming days Warsaw would transfer 4 MiG-29 combat fighters to Ukraine. They will be put into full service. The rest of the MiG-29s are being prepared and will be handed over later.
  • Literally on March 15, a representative of the Polish government, Piotr Muller, said that several countries were ready to send MIG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. That is, they are talking about several countries that are ready to enter into a coalition on the transfer of these aircraft to Ukraine.
  • Air Force Speaker Yuriy Ignat has repeatedly noted that Ukraine is grateful to its partners for their help. However, he explained that the APU needed F-16s. After all, these are the most common aircraft of their class in the world, precisely from those that meet our needs. We need these fighters for defense, because MiG and Su aircraft cannot effectively shoot down cruise missiles and Shahids.

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