Deadly, but at one time: CNN revealed the tactics of the PKK “Wagner” in Ukraine


Deadly, but one-shot: CNN exposed Wagner's tactics in Ukraine

No matter how many Wagnerites are liquidated in Ukraine, Russian society is indifferent to it. Wounded Wagner occupiers sometimes remain on the battlefield for hours.

The CNN material says that the Wagnerites pose a significant threat at close range. At the same time, they suffer colossal losses.

The death of thousands of Wagner PIK soldiers is of no importance to Russian society. Without a command, assault groups do not leave. Unauthorized departure of the team or without injury is punishable by execution on the spot, the message says.

Wagnerians who try to surrender and escape are mercilessly punished.

Wounded terrorists remain on the battlefield for hours . The assault infantry of the Wagnerites is forbidden to take them from the battlefield. When an assault fails, attack aircraft are allowed to retreat only at night.

Pay attention! Ukrainian defenders inflict colossal losses on the enemy. As of January 24, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine estimates the losses of the enemy at 122,170 invaders. As of January 2023, 50,000 Wagnerites have already been recruited. At the same time, only 10 thousand are fighting. Others either died or fled.

  • In addition, ISW emphasized that Vladimir Putin used Yevgeny Prigozhin. His “star” is already beginning to fade.
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