Deal seven blows: in Lviv region, a man almost hacked his brother with an ax

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Deal seven blows: in the Lviv region, a man nearly hacked his brother with an ax

In the Lviv region, a man almost hacked his own brother to death in front of his old mother.

This happened in the village of Ganki-Kuty, Lviv region, when one of the sons of an elderly woman attacked his own brother in bed.

According to the woman, her son hit his own brother with an ax three times. None of the neighbors even thought that any of the sons could do something like that.

The mother ran into the room when she heard the sounds. After that, the man went outside, washed his weapons and went home through the whole village to the neighboring town. The injured were diagnosed with chopped wounds to the head, forearm and thigh.

Fortunately, the condition of the wounded who was hospitalized is stable. Local residents were surprised by the quarrel between the two brothers, since they always lived together.

A man who almost hacked his brother to death faces up to 15 years in prison. His mother hopes that the victim's brother will get back on his feet after the brutal attack.

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