Death of a volunteer who received a vaccine against coronavirus recorded

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Death of a volunteer who received a vaccine against coronavirus recorded

The final phase of trials in Brazil for the Chinese vaccine Coronavac from Sinovac Biotech Ltd. has been halted due to a potential serious complication reported on October 29. Currently, healthcare professionals are trying to determine the cause of the likely side effect in order to understand whether testing should be continued. However, no details of the incident have yet been reported, Bloomberg writes with reference to the Brazilian Health Agency.

The director of the Butantan Institute in São Paulo said one of the volunteers died, but the death was not related to the vaccine. Scientists testing Coronavac are surprised that officials have decided to suspend drug trials. At the same time, the potential serious complications that may be associated with the Chinese vaccine are of concern to specialists, since hundreds of thousands of people have gained access to it in China. The vaccine was allowed to be used in the context of a pandemic emergency in the world.

Sinovac Biotech Ltd. stated that they are confident in the safety of their vaccine. They also said that the head of the Butantan Institute had assured them that there was no link between vaccinations and the volunteer's death. Last month, Chinese officials said 60,000 volunteers were injected with the injections, with no complaints of serious side effects.

Formerly the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. and German biotech company BioNTech SE have published the first results showing that the vaccine they are developing has prevented more than 90 percent of symptomatic infections in trials involving tens of thousands of volunteers, raising hopes for a swift neutralization of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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