Decision made! She is now the President of the Austrian Ski Federation


Decision made! She is now the President of the Austrian Ski Federation

Roswitha Stadlober

The ÖSV sets the course for the future. In the presidential conference it was decided how to proceed.

After Karl Schmidhofer's surprising resignation after only 300 days in office, Roswitha Stadlober temporarily managed the ÖSV. Now it should become a permanent solution.

With Patrick Ortlieb, a former ski professional will be installed as financial advisor, he will take care of the finances together with Secretary General Christian Scherer.

An extraordinary country conference with the election of the new presidium was called for October 15th.

“In today's presidential conference, those responsible for the Austrian Ski Association unanimously decided how the ÖSV will position itself in terms of personnel in the future. In order to meet the extensive challenges of the future, Austria's most successful sports association is relying on a management team,” the ÖSV said in a broadcast to know.

“As president, Roswitha Stadlober will head the ÖSV and speak for him. At her side, Patrick Ortlieb will take over the management of all corporations as financial advisor, together with general secretary Christian Scherer. Ortlieb will thus be responsible for the economic interests of the association. GS Scherer will continue to be manage the operational area, “continues the ski association.

In this way, the ÖSV ensures stability, feared trench warfare for the highest ski office in the country do not materialize.

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