Decision on Leopard coming soon – countries can prepare tanks for transfer – Stoltenberg


Leopard decision coming soon – countries can prepare tanks for transfer, – Stoltenberg

Germany may approve transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine. This may happen very soon.

This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a briefing, informs Channel 24. He held talks with the new head of the German Defense Ministry Boris Pistorius.

Germany may soon give permission for tanks for Ukraine

According to Stoltenberg, Berlin's permission to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine “will be soon”.

All countries that have tanks in service can start preparing them transfer,” he said.

The NATO Secretary General also urged Allies to “give room” for confidential negotiations on how to work out a decision on tanks.

“Consult, evaluate – and then take solution,” he noted.

What the German Minister of Defense says about the transfer of tanks

In turn, Pistorius said that Germany would help Ukraine win the war against Russia.

We support Ukraine, so that she does not lose this war, but wins against Russia. And for this, Germany is doing more than almost any other ally except the United States,” the German defense minister stressed.

When asked when Germany intends to decide on Leopard tanks, Pistorius said that it does not depend on him .

In addition, Pistorius also defended Olaf Scholz from accusations of hesitation about whether tank deliveries would be approved.

“Being a leader does not mean blindly going forward. And if a decision is made for another day or two, then so be it “, he added.

The main advantages of Leopard tanks/Channel 24 Infographics

Leopard tanks for Ukraine: latest news

  • Ukraine urgently needs modern tanks, in particular Leopard 2, to fight against the invaders. And a number of countries agree to provide them to our military.
  • However, for a long time without a green light from No one could make such a transfer to Germany, the manufacturer of these vehicles.
  • The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, believes that Germany will not block the export of tanks.
  • By the way, on January 22, Poland announced that they would allow the creation of a coalition to transfer modern tanks to Ukraine without Germany.

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