Decisive territory for Ukraine: General Hodges predicts the liberation of Crimea by the summer


Decisive territory for Ukraine: General Hodges predicts liberation of Crimea by summer

Crimea is a decisive territory for Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to rescue him by the summer if they receive all the necessary weapons.

This was told by the former commander of the American army in Europe, General Ben Hodges. He noted that it is very important to be in the right context when talking about the war in Ukraine.

AFU can liberate Crimea by summer

Hodges noted that he likes to keep a map near him, talking about Ukraine, and see what is happening now, after almost 9 years of war, in which Russia had every possible advantage.

“And all they could do was occupy the eastern 10-15% of the territory of Ukraine, including Crimea, and that's all they were able to do. And now, after months and months of fighting near Bakhmut, they seem to still take” this the small town of Soledar, continue fighting around Bakhmut and lose thousands of people, but they cannot push back Ukrainian soldiers from there. Even if they do, then what? added the general.

According to him, if you leave the emotional component, it will not lead to anything important for the Russian army. The occupiers have no explosive forces there. There are also no prospects for some kind of breakthrough that they could arrange.

Therefore, according to Hodges, the Ukrainian command is doing a very good job. He is passionate about how Ukrainian defenders are leading this military campaign and how thorough and professional their approach is.

How they increase resources, how they do not give the opponent the opportunity to make a significant breakthrough at least somewhere, and also how they increase resources for the spring military campaign, because Crimea is important to you. Crimea is a decisive territory for you,” the general said.

He summed up that Ukraine plans to liberate Crimea. This can happen before the end of the summer if Western countries provide our state with everything it needs. In particular, we are talking about missiles of the required range.

Plans for the de-occupation of Crimea: in short

  • Ukraine seeks to liberate the Crimean peninsula, which Russia occupied in 2014. To do this, Kyiv asks the allies for long-range weapons.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky on January 19, during the Ukrainian Breakfast in Davos, noted that our state seeks to obtain long-range systems in order to hit the invaders in the temporarily occupied lands, and not on the territory Russia.
  • As adviser to the head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak said, Ukraine can receive GLSDB missiles with a range of 160 kilometers from its allies. This will allow the Armed Forces of Ukraine to reach the territory of the temporarily occupied Crimea.

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