Decline in Russian activity in Bakhmut and Liman directions will soon begin, – Zhdanov


Decline in Russian activity in Bakhmut and Liman directions will soon begin, - Zhdanov

After 7 – 10 days, the activity of the Russian army and the Wagner PKK will begin to decline. And they can no longer be replaced by units of regular troops, as it was in Soledar.

This was announced on Channel 24 by military expert Oleg Zhdanov. He stressed that Russian troops are suffering colossal losses in the Bakhmut and Liman directions.

The forces of the PPK “Wagner” are close to the climax

This opinion of the American Institute for the Study of War was quoted by Oleg Zhdanov. He clarified that it was about Bakhmut. The very offensive of Russia in Ukraine has slowed down.

“They have reached a plateau and will not be able to show more today. According to military experts, the forces of the Wagner PIK were somewhere in the range of 40-45 thousand, today about 7 thousand,” Zhdanov cited intelligence data from Western analytical agencies.

Oleg Zhdanov on slowing down Russia's advance: watch video

As an example, the expert cited figures: today the Wagner PKK group conducts from 20 to 29 ground attacks daily. But before – from 90 to 100.

“Do not compare the numbers that I mentioned from the reports of the General Staff. Because they are about all the directions where they attack. And these are calculated attacks on those sectors of the front where the fighters of the Wagner unit fought directly,” the speaker explained.

APU return positions

In addition to the situation described, the Russians stretched their plots, Zhdanov notes. In some segments they retreat, and the Ukrainian military return to their positions.

The Russian offensive stalled, so that they would not say that they are confidently moving forward, starting to form a “big pincer lip” around the Seversk grouping of troops from Kremennaya, advancing on Liman. There, their offensive is practically stopped, – Oleg Zhdanov emphasized.

Russian offensive: the last

  • In early 2023, the Western media predicted a major Russian offensive. However, if they had such plans, they would not have succeeded, Mikhail Samus noted. Russia does not yet have enough reserves and resources to carry out such large-scale operations.
  • The decisive battles are likely to take place in mid-spring and summer. This opinion was suggested by Roman Svitan. According to him, the main offensive actions will be aimed at reaching the Azov coast.
  • The military expert also spoke about the failure of the Russians to attack in the Bakhmut direction towards Slavyansk. They will fall under the powerful flank attacks of the Kramatorsk and Druzhkovskaya groups.

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