Defensive structures and anti-tank ditches: how the Rivne region is preparing for a possible offensive from Belarus


Defensive structures and anti-tank ditches: how Rivne region prepares for a possible offensive from Belarus

Military experts warn of a new possible Russian offensive from Belarus. However, the local population of the border regions is serious about protecting their native land.

This was announced by the head of the Rivne OVA Vitaliy Koval. According to him, residents prepare daily for the defense of the region's settlements.

How the border in the Rivne region is being strengthened

Koval said that in the north of the region actively build engineering, fortifications and dig anti-tank ditches.

All 229 kilometers with Belarus are being fortified so much that Russian troops would not be able to penetrate deep into our region if the Belarusian authorities allow them to launch an offensive, the message says.

Head The OVA assured that the local population is in a fighting mood – people are ready to defend their territory. According to him, people live in the Rivne region who will not allow anyone to come into their homes, offend their children, wives and mothers.

Every day, local residents, as volunteers, come to dig ditches against tanks, help to make appropriate fences and fortifications. There are also those who constantly work even on holidays.

Why the Russians will not pass

In addition to the military population, there is also the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense , border troops and volunteer formations of each of the 64 territorial communities of our region.

It is worth noting that the volunteers of the Rovno communities go through combat agreements every day, hone their shooting skills, tactics and strategy of war in the conditions of their territories. “In our region, the entire border perimeter is mined. In addition, the north of the Rivne region is full of forests and swamps. side of Belarus,” Koval said. He assured that the Rivne region is ready for a possible offensive, the inhabitants will fight for our independence.

What is known about the threat from Belarus

  • Belarus has been keeping about 5-6 units along the border with Ukraine for a long time, which, as noted in Belarus, they are reinforcing the border with Ukraine, because it seems to pose some kind of threat.
  • Due to the warm winter, kilometers of steep river banks, thick silt and flooded fields formed around the border between Ukraine and Belarus. Such natural conditions will significantly complicate the offensive of the invaders.
  • Moreover, the speaker of the division, Sergei Khominsky, noted that Ukraine has another useful ally – the local population of beavers. When they build their dams, usually people destroy them, but this year they did not because of the war, so now there is water everywhere.
  • Note that Russia systematically dumps equipment and personnel into Belarus. On January 5, it received a batch of new BTR-82A, BTR-80K, armored medical and recovery vehicles for the Belarusian special operations forces

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