Dell Sued For False Claims About The Possibility Of Replacing The Processor In A Laptop

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Dell Sued For False Claims About Replacing The Processor In A Laptop

Laptop maker Dell has been accused of cheating consumers. In 2019, the company released the Alienware Area-51m gaming laptop and promised that it could have a CPU and GPU replacement. This turned out to be a controversial statement.

The ability to replace the graphics card and processor Dell called the main feature of the laptop. However, the model was sold with Intel Coffee Lake-S Refresh processors, which were made in an LGA 1151v2 package. The irony is that this was the last generation of Intel processors in this design. That is, it is impossible to replace the existing CPU with a more powerful and new one in a laptop.

A little later, Dell began to say that the Alienware Area-51m upgrade is possible only with those components that were available for the model at the time of the announcement. The users were not satisfied with this and they filed a class action lawsuit against the company. Plaintiffs say Dell “deliberately misled and defrauded customers to create a competitive advantage in their product based on false perceptions, thereby driving sales of the Alienware Area 51M R1 gaming notebooks.”

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