Delta strain of coronavirus is twice as infectious as the original variant

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The delta variant of the coronavirus is twice as contagious as the original variant of SARS-CoV-2, said Sumya Swaminathan, a researcher at the World Health Organization (WHO). The delta variant was first identified in India and is now spreading to 85 countries.

“Given the speed at which delta spreads, overtaking other strains, it could become the dominant strain in the world,” said Ms Swaminathan (quoted by TASS). According to her, the delta strain is at least twice as easy to spread from sick to healthy “than the original virus.” She noted that one person can infect not two people, but up to eight. According to a WHO spokesman, because of this, there are more cases when all family members are sick with COVID-19.

Ms Swaminathan reported that the delta plus mutation can affect the effectiveness of antibodies against the virus. “There is concern that this strain is possibly becoming more deadly,” she said. The representative of WHO noted that few cases of infection with this strain have been detected in the world.

About the spread of the delta-variant of the virus – in the material “Kommersant FM” “The Indian strain has settled in Russia.”

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