Democrats and Republicans agree on format for impeachment of Trump

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Democrats and Republicans agree on format for impeachment of Trump

Senate Democratic Majority and Republican Minority Leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell have agreed on a format for impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump. Reported by USA Today.

“All parties have agreed on a structure that will ensure a fair and fair Senate impeachment process for the former president,” Schumer said.

It was decided that the trial of the former American leader will begin on February 9 with a four-hour debate on the constitutionality of impeachment against Trump. Then a vote will take place.

If the impeachment process continues, then each side will be given up to 16 hours within two days to present their arguments to the Senate. After that, a meeting will take place, at which the senators will have the opportunity to ask their questions. They have four hours to do this.

Also, senators will be able to vote to call witnesses and provide additional evidence. Both sides will be given four hours for closing statements, split equally between prosecutors and Trump's defense.

Earlier it was reported that the majority of Americans (56 percent) supported the impeachment of the former US president and the ban for him to hold any public office. At the same time, 43 percent of the country's residents opposed this initiative.

On January 14, the US House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump over the riots in Washington. The last vote was the second attempt to remove Trump from office. Democrats motivate the decision to impeach Trump, including by the fact that after the end of the process, he will not be able to run for president. This is the first time the US has attempted to remove a state leader from office after the end of his presidential term.

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