Departure of officials abroad without good reason: the GNSU explained the ban and its exceptions


Departure of officials abroad without good reason: the GNSU clarified the ban and its exceptions< /p>

The travel ban for civil servants, except for business trips, is already in effect. The ban also applies to persons unfit for military service, or who had other reasons for leaving.

This was stated by Andrey Demchenko, a representative of the State Border Service,Kanal 24 >. He said that Decree No. 69 on amendments to the Rules for crossing the state border by Ukrainian citizens has entered into force and is already in force.

In what cases will officials be able to leave Ukraine< /h2>

Officials, people's deputies, a number of other officials, prosecutors, judges, representatives of local self-government may cross the border solely for the purpose of a business trip. Until recently, according to Demchenko, officials could also go abroad on vacation, but they missed this opportunity.

The government has determined that ministries, central and local executive authorities, and other state bodies, to whom it may concern, must provide the GNSU Administration with a list of persons indicated in the resolution within three days, Demchenko said.

The GNSU speaker named a list of exceptions when officials can cross the border:

  • for women or single parents to visit children abroad in exceptional cases with supporting documents;
  • for treatment abroad;
  • on the basis of a separate decision of the head of the GNSU, in the event of the death of family members abroad.

At the same time, Demchenko stressed that officials are required to provide relevant documents. He also noted that the adopted innovations apply to both men and women.

The State Border Service spokesman said that the issue of control is assigned not only to the GNSU and its inspectors directly at the border, “it is also the responsibility of those officials who fall under the regulations of the government and their leaders, who give their subordinates leave or send them on a business trip.”

The government banned officials from traveling abroad: what is known

  • On January 27, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution prohibiting male officials from traveling abroad for personal purposes. The government took this initiative in pursuance of the decision of the National Security and Defense Council.
  • Vladimir Zelensky noted that the decision of the National Security and Defense Council applies to all officials. He stressed that just like that, during the war, Ukrainian MPs or representatives of other levels of government will not be able to go abroad.

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