Deputies in Ukraine plan to change the name of Georgia: what do they propose

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В In Ukraine, deputies plan to change the name of Georgia: what they propose

It is planned to return to the historical name of the country.

In Ukraine, deputies registered a draft resolution on the use of the historical name Georgia – Sakartvelo.

The draft was published on the official website of the Verkhovna Rada.

The draft resolution proposes to use the name Sakartvelo officially at the level of state bodies, official correspondence, communication and the media instead of the traditional Georgia.

In addition, the Georgian people should be called “Kartvels”. The initiators of the draft resolution point out that official Tbilisi has been trying for almost 15 years to convince its international partners to use the historical name of their country – Sakartvelo, instead of “Georgia”, which has Russian roots.

In the explanatory note to the draft resolution it is indicated that the name “Georgia” is used in the world by about 20 countries, most of which are former Soviet republics or countries that have experienced significant influence from the Soviet Union. It is noted that “Georgia” is the imperial name that it is called in Russia.

The initiators of the resolution note that Lithuania, Israel, South Korea and Japan have already refused to use the name “Georgia” in their official documents. Most of them have switched to using the Latin name “Georgia”, and Lithuania has been using the name “Sakartvelo” since 2021.

Recall that Putin said that he personally initiated the resumption of flights with Georgia.

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