Despite Rammstein's decision: Poland is optimistic about Leopard deliveries to Ukraine


Despite Ramstein's decision: Poland optimistic about Leopard deliveries to Ukraine

On Friday, January 20, another Rammstein meeting took place. As a result of the meeting, the international allies did not accept the transfer of German combat tanks to Ukraine.

However, Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak is still optimistic. According to him, sooner or later the allies will reach an agreement on the supply of Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

Poland will discuss the supply of tanks with Germany

Blaszczak said that by the end of March Poland plans to deliver equipment to Ukraine and train Ukrainian soldiers.

In addition, the minister noted that during the next meeting with German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, he will raise the issue of transferring “leopards” in service with Poland.

We talked about the threat of Russia's imperial activities in Europe and that we can expect another attack on Ukraine. Therefore, Kyiv must be supported so that Ukraine can resist this aggression. Blaszczak said about the Ramstein meeting.

During his speech, he also said that Poland would provide Ukraine with additional infantry fighting vehicles and T-72 tanks.

The main characteristics of the tanks Leopard/Channel 24 Infographics

Poland's Leopard 2 in Brief

  • 11 January In Lviv, Andrzej Duda announced that he would donate 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine.
  • At the same time, German government spokeswoman Christian Hoffmann said that the decision to transfer heavy Leopard tanks to the country should be made together with the allies. According to her, Poland did not send an official request. The speaker called the transfer of German-made tanks without the consent of Germany illegal.
  • Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki believes that the allies can provide Ukraine with about 100 Leopard tanks. He stressed that Ukraine needs help quickly, and if Berlin does not contribute to this, then Poland will act independently. news
    • Lloyd Austin confirmed that the US and Germany will not give tanks yet. One of the reasons given is that it will take a short time to train on the Abrams.
    • The US Chief of Staff said that the Allies are focused on helping Ukraine to make it successful on the battlefield right now.
    • The states will try to use the “window of opportunity between now and spring” to prepare the Armed Forces as much as possible.
    • The UK and several EU countries will transfer their main tanks, in particular the Challenger 2.
    • Austin said that Canada has purchased a NASAMS air defense system for Ukraine.
    • The Pentagon believes that this year it will be difficult for Ukrainians to push Russian troops out of the entire occupied territory of Ukraine, but this does not mean that this cannot happen. They say it will be “very, very” hard.

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