Despite the tank dilemma, the new “Rammstein” was successful – military observer


Despite the tank dilemma, the new Rammstein was successful, – military observer

The recent Rammstein meeting can be called successful for Ukraine. Despite the fact that the allies have not yet handed over Leopard 2 tanks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive many other weapons that are important for victory.

About thisChannel 24said the military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko. According to him, even despite the tank dilemma, this “Rammstein” can be called successful.

There are positives about tanks

It is important that there is an agreement to train the Ukrainian military on Leopard 2 tanks. Therefore, when a political decision from Germany on the transfer appears, the crews will be ready.

In fact, we can hope that if Berlin decides, we will get tanks and have the required number of trained crews. That is, there will be no delay in attracting these not even companies, not battalions, but a full-fledged brigade in the combat zone,” Kovalenko noted.

He is sure that this is a positive moment. After all, on the Ramstein, they definitely agreed on the training of the crews.

In addition, the recent meeting showed that Western countries continue to increase not only the pace, but also the volume of military assistance. Also, not only the quantity has grown, but also the range of weapons that will be transferred to Ukraine.

Not only the quantity has grown, but also the varieties. And this is not only a defensive weapon, but also gradually have an offensive one. This, in particular, concerns the package of Great Britain, where there are Challenger 2 tanks, – Kovalenko emphasized.

Will the West give tanks to Ukraine< /h2>

  • At the last meeting in the Ramstein format, the Western partners have not yet agreed on the transfer of tanks for Ukraine. However, this process continues.
  • As the new Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistorius, said, the Allies have arguments for and against the supply of tanks. They are put forward by different countries.
  • Ukrainian Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov noted that there is a certain positive attitude towards Leopard 2 tanks. After all, some states have agreed to start training Ukrainian crews on these tanks.

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