“Destination” in Kiev: a SMART car was noticed in the capital, completely clogged with firewood


An unusual phenomenon was noticed in the capital on March 16. The SMART minicar drove around Kyiv, completely packed with firewood.

This is reported by local telegram channels. How such a load does not interfere with the driver is unknown, writes Channel 24.

The small trunk is completely filled with firewood

In Kyiv, they found the use of Smart, the message says.

In the published photos, you can see that the small trunk of the minicar is completely filled with firewood.

SMART filled with firewood / Photo from social networks

Interestingly, the luggage of the car is not fixed in any way, so it can fall out at any time.

In Ternopil, a man rides on a sofa

  • On the streets of Zalishchyky, in the Ternopil region, with an unusual blue transport that makes passers-by look around. And it's not about some unusual sports car, but about a real sofa.
  • Such transport, which can be used to travel in any comfortable position, was created by industrial engineer and inventor Arkady Fishman, who is a migrant from Slavyansk. His unusual “car” was even filmed.
  • As it became known, a trip on the couch in good weather will give the “driver” only a light breeze, because the sofa develops a speed of only 10 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the approximate length of the sofa reaches two meters, the width is 80 centimeters, and the height is more than a meter.
  • To make things move that, according to the plan, should be in apartments, the inventor built in an engine, batteries and a controller. Arkady Fishman brought these details from Slavyansk, who took them from another self-made electric transport – from a unicycle. According to him, he could not bring the product with him.

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