Destroyed, captured, or trying to defend Kremennaya: what about the invaders near Liman


Destroyed, captured, or trying to defend Kremennaya: what about the invaders near Liman

Despite the fact that the offensive obvious, the Russian invaders did not have time to leave their positions. They, in fact, did not allow the top management.

What happened to the Russian grouping, which was surrounded in the Liman region on the air of the telethon, was told by the press secretary of the Eastern Group of Forces Sergey Cherevaty.

Some of them were physically destroyed, some were taken captured, and some were able to leave in columns or small groups. Now some part is trying to take up defense in Kremennaya. Sergey Cherevaty noted.

The speaker explained that our military continues to work to stabilize the city. They catch the remnants of infidels (they are found in the forests), are engaged in demining the territory (many different types, stretch marks, “petals”).

Sergei Cherevaty noted that the enemy's defense at Liman was “very powerful.” According to him, in addition to the recently mobilized, there were Russian military, including the 752nd motorized rifle regiment, the Bars 13 unit, the Russian Legion and the Union of Donbass Volunteers.

How many infidels could be in the cauldron

  • On the evening of October 1, the Ukrainian military announced the dismissal of Liman and taking it under control.
  • Earlier in the Eastern Group of Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine it was reported that the Russian group in the Liman area was surrounded – there are about 5 thousand of them, but the figure may already be lower.
  • They asked their command for permission to leave, but were refused.
  • British intelligence reported possible colossal losses when trying to leave Liman. To do this, the Russian invaders used the only route that they still controlled as of October 1.

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