Destruction of the cruiser “Moskva” became a strategic success of the Ukrainians – Austrian Ministry of Defense



The Austrian Ministry of Defense commented on the destruction of “Moscow”/Sputnik -sc83=””>The destruction of the Moskva cruiser by two R-360 Neptun ground-based missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was Russia's most serious failure in the entire war in Ukraine. This is a strategic success for the Ukrainians.

The Austrian Ministry of Defense is convinced of this. They said that the Russian command underestimated the capabilities of the defenders of Ukraine, so the cruiser was left in coastal waters, and not on the high seas.

Ships of the “Moskva” type, which were created to create an air defense shield for aircraft carriers, are an easy target near coast. This was stated by the head of the basic planning department at the Austrian Ministry of Defense, Major General Bruno Hofbauer. Hofbauer.

Consequences of the destruction of “Moskva”

As the Major General explained, the liquidation of “Moskva” entailed a significant reduction in Russia's combat capabilities.

For example, in the near future there can be no question of a amphibious landing operation of the occupying forces near Odessa, given the likelihood that the Armed Forces of Ukraine mined the coast.

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