Detained for organizing the assassination of the President of Haiti lives in the USA

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Detained for organizing the assassination of the President of Haiti lives in the USA

The search for the organizer of the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise was crowned with success. The police of the island state reported on the arrest of a man who is behind the preparation and organization of the attack on the residence of the head of state. At least according to the version of the investigation. The arrested was a Haitian – 63-year-old doctor Christian Emmanuel Sanon. Moreover, most of the time he lives in the United States, in Florida. This is Washington's hand in this high-profile story.

– He flew in on a private jet in early June, pursuing his own political goals. Sanon contacted a private security company to recruit the attackers, National Police Chief Leon Charles said.

According to him, initially the attackers wanted to arrest Moiz, but then the plan changed. Charles did not disclose the reasons for this decision, as well as how the armed men entered the well-defended residence.

On the night of July 7, a group of unknown persons broke into the presidential mansion and first shot the 53-year-old Jovenel Moise, and then seriously wounded the first lady. She is now being treated at an American clinic. Her condition is assessed as serious.

During the week, the police carried out a special operation to arrest the attackers. During this time, it was possible to establish that the Venezuelan private security company CTU, located in the United States, is behind the crime. The gang that attacked the presidential residence includes almost 30 people. We are talking about a retired military from Colombia and two translators with US citizenship.

During the special operation, three people were killed, more than 17 were detained.

It is also reported that a delegation of high-ranking officials from the United States arrived in Haiti to assess the situation. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the security service will meet with Haitian politicians who are competing for the presidency.

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