Determined the fate of the robot “Fedora”

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Определена дальнейшая судьба робота «Федора»

Robot “Theodore”, who was in 2019 the space will be used for testing new technologies, which are then used in the creation of other Russian space Android. About the fate of “Fedora” in an interview with RIA Novosti said the Executive Director of the NGO “Android technology” Eugene Dudorov.

“Further use is assumed as one of the technological layouts while working on the project “Teledroid”. This is a project to create a robotic complex anthropomorphic type, which should work on the surface of the ISS, to perform a variety of manufacturing operations,” — said Dudorov.

According to experts, is currently the robot is in the missile-space Corporation “Energy”, which produces space ships “Soyuz”. However, already in the design documents, implementing the translation of “Fedora” in the main research Institute of Roskosmos.

The impending replace “Fedora” with “Teledroid” became known in September last year. It was explained that in 2020 will begin Assembly of the first samples of the robot. To replace the previous version, it was decided due to the feet of Android “Fedor” they prevented to work in the open space.

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