Did they come up with “DRG” again: in the Oryol region, people noticed an armed group


Did they come up with

Residents of the Oryol region of Russia announced the alleged appearance of a group of armed persons in the region. As Andrey Klichkov, the governor of the Oryol region, said, so far these people have not been found.

However, in order to reduce the panic of the Russians, he assured that they are actively looking for armed people who could penetrate the territory of the region.

As Klichkov said, the information is currently being carefully checked by the security forces until it is confirmed. Messages that people with weapons were seen in one of the districts of the Oryol region appeared on social networks, the governor wrote on his telegram channel. So far, these people have not been located.

Funny story with the “Ukrainian DRG” in the Bryansk region

On Thursday, March 2, the information space was stirred up by news that “dispersed” the Russian media that a “Ukrainian DRG” had penetrated the territory of the Bryansk region of Russia and even “took hostages.” Of course, all these are fake Russians, which were denied and ridiculed by representatives of the Ukrainian authorities.

The fantasy of Russian propagandists was so played out that they even claimed that the “DRG” took control of two villages bordering Ukraine at once – Lyubechany and Sushany. Moreover, “Ukrainian Nazis” allegedly fired at a school bus, either a boy or a girl died, and later the child was “resurrected”.

Users of Ukrainian social networks could not ignore such an occasion to ridicule the absurdity of the Russians and instantly flooded the network with memes about the “Ukrainian DRG” in the Bryansk region.

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