Difficult situation in Donbass, shelling in Kherson region: how the night went in the regions


The difficult situation in the Donbass, the shelling in the Kherson region: how was the night in the regions

How was the night of April 20 in the regions of Ukraine/Getty Images

In Ukraine, on the night of April 20, residents of most regions were able to sleep peacefully. However, the night was difficult in 5 regions.

Russian invaders raged in the South and East of Ukraine. This is reported by Channel 24 with reference to the data of the Office of the President.

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How was the night in Ukraine

Kharkiv region

The Russians periodically shelled the outskirts of the Saltovka residential area in Kharkov. According to preliminary data, fortunately, there were no casualties.

Active fighting continues in the Izyum direction.

Luhansk region

The invaders tried to storm Popasnaya, Rubizhne and Severodonetsk. However, only about 130 wounded soldiers were sent to the Novoaydar hospital.

After midnight, the Russians opened fire on residential buildings. Two caught fire, a gas pipeline was interrupted in the city. Several times during the night, the enemy also shelled the city of Gorskoe, the report says.

The Russians also heavily shelled Novodruzhesk.

Donetsk region

The enemy shelled the center of Avdiivka. The infrastructure of the city received significant damage. Some electricity is missing. It is known that 3 people were killed, and 6 more were injured.

Kherson region

The shelling continued constantly, and hostilities were conducted almost throughout the entire territory of the region. Information about the destruction and casualties is not yet available. In communities on the border with the Mykolaiv and Dnepropetrovsk regions, there is no electricity, gas and water. The situation remains stably difficult.

Mykolaiv region

Russian invaders launched rocket attacks on the region. The polyclinic in Bashtanka was destroyed. In other settlements, the situation is alarming, but under control.

Note that in other regions of Ukraine it was relatively calm.

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