Difficult situation: military expert named the most difficult areas at the front


Difficult situation: military expert named the most difficult directions on the front

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">The situation in Eastern Ukraine is extremely difficult. Despite the fact that every morning we see huge losses of the Russian invaders, it is very difficult for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on this sector of the front.

In particular, fierce battles in the area of ​​Vuhledar, Donetsk region, have been going on since January 25. About thisChannel 24said military expert Vladislav Seleznev.

What are the most difficult directions on the front today

So, near Ugledar the invaders are holding at least 2 brigades of the marine corps of the aggressor country and several regiments of different levels of security. They are actively attacking the positions of our defenders.

The difficult situation in the area of ​​Bakhmut – fierce battles for control over the roads connecting the city with the “mainland” continue. The enemy has no advance there, our units are holding reliable defenses, but the situation there is extremely difficult,” Seleznev said.

At the same time, the Russians have stepped up hostilitiesin the Avdiivka area. The occupying army is trying to go on the offensive near Marinka and Krasnogorovka, but has no success.

“The largest concentration of enemy forces is now concentrated on the frontfrom Svatovo to Kremennaya“, – said the military expert.

Seleznev named the most difficult directions at the front: watch the video . The invaders are trying to push the Armed Forces further from Kremennaya and move towards Kupyansk, Kharkov region.

“The fighting continues, the intensity of the fighting will continue to grow. Putin's army is gradually concentrating additional resources here in order to continue pressure on our Defense Forces,” the military expert emphasized.

He also added that the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine understands the situation on the battlefield and is making every effort to stabilize the situation on the front.

Enemy losses as of February 14

From the beginning Since the full-scale invasion, the Russians have already lost 139,080 personnel in Ukraine. Over the past day alone, our military eliminated 740 enemies, as well as a lot of military equipment:

  • tanks – 3,286 (+3)
  • armored combat vehicles – 6,500 (+8 )
  • artillery systems – 2,299 (+9)
  • MLRS – 466 (+1)
  • air defense systems – 234 (+0)
  • aircraft – 298 (+2)
  • helicopters – 286 (+0)
  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level – 2,011 (+4)
  • cruise missiles – 857 (+0)
  • ships and boats – 18 (+0)
  • automotive equipment and tankers – 5 155 (+5)
  • special technicians – 218 (+1)

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