Disconnection of Runet from the global network has been successfully tested in Russia

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Disconnection of Runet from the global network has been successfully tested in Russia

In Russia, the stability of the Runet was tested when the Russian segment was disconnected from the global network. According to preliminary data, the exercises, which took place from June 15 to July 15, were successful. On Wednesday, July 21, the RBC edition writes about this, referring to the materials of the Information Security working group at the ANO Digital Economy.

The members of the working group are planning to prepare and agree on the reporting materials on this testing by August 31. The source of the publication said that all operators of the Big Four took part in the exercise.

-The aim of the exercise was to determine the possibility of Runet's work in the event of external distortions, blockages and other threats. Among other things, the possibility of physically disconnecting the Russian part of the Internet was tested, – the publication says.

At the same time, a representative of Roskomnadzor said that such exercises are held every year, they are aimed at increasing the integrity, stability and security of the infrastructure of the Russian segment of the Internet.

As the site kp.ru wrote, on the eve of the head of the InfoWatch group of companies Natalya Kasperskaya said that Russia has the technical capabilities to ensure the autonomous operation of the Russian segment of the Internet.

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