Discontent in Putin's entourage: what political consequences will the abandonment of Kherson have?


Discontent in Putin's entourage: what political consequences will leaving Kherson have

Russian society will have different attitudes towards the likely withdrawal of the occupying forces from the Right Bank of the Kherson region. There is a difference between how ordinary Russians and the so-called “elites” will react.

With recent decisions, the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, has relieved himself of responsibility for the situation in the war against Ukraine. Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman told Channel 24 about this.

The expert noted that if Russia withdraws its troops from Kherson, then there will no panic among ordinary Russians > .

The Russians are an absolutely degraded people, calmly getting into buses and going to fight. They are unlikely to panic because they just don't know where Kherson, Ukraine is, right and left banks of the Dnieper. But this will entail great dissatisfaction in circles close to Putin – in the broadest sense, “in the elites,” the observer explained.

According to him, Putin, by his decisions, transferred responsibility from themselves against the heads of regions, which also entails tension.

“Putin said that now the heads of the regions are responsible for the security of their regions and for the war. Separately, he resigned from himself in charge of the logistics of this war. He said that Mishustin is creating a new security committee, and Surovikin is responsible for the situation at the front.” , – added the political strategist.

How Russia will react to the “goodwill gesture” in the Kherson region: watch the video

In his opinion, in this way < strong>“Putin is no longer responsible for anything” .

“This will lead to the fact that the “elites” will be terribly unhappy, that he transferred responsibility to them, put them in a dead end, leading troops to Ukraine, and now everyone should “disentangle” for Putin alone. This may entail big shifts in the Russian government”, Sheitelman summed up.

Putin's latest decisions: what is known

  • Head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin On October 19, he declared martial law in the so-called “DPR” and “LPR” and the partially occupied Zaporozhye and Kherson regions. Now the occupiers can take emergency military measures in these territories.
  • According to Putin's decree, the Russians will also restrict entry into the occupied Sevastopol. At the same time, the so-called “local authorities” should create “operational headquarters” in the city.
  • At the same time, a “level of basic readiness” was introduced in several regions of Russia. The occupiers want to strengthen the protection of military, state and special facilities that ensure the vital activity of the population, the functioning of transport, communications and communications, energy facilities.
  • The Office of the President of Ukraine is convinced that the so-called introduction of “martial law” by Russia in the temporarily occupied territories is “pseudo-legalization of looting and looting of property of Ukrainians.”
  • At the same time, the commander of the occupying forces in Ukraine, Sergei Surovikin, said that the Russians would act “consciously and in a timely manner, not excluding the possibility of making the most difficult decisions.” Surovikin hinted at “difficult decisions” on Kherson, which Ukrainian soldiers are approaching. Probably Russia is preparing for another “goodwill gesture”.

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