Discussion in the US on ATACMS will be decided in the near future, – Piontkovsky


The ATACMS discussion in the US will be decided soon, – Piontkovsky

The main task of Ukraine in foreign policy remains the supply of necessary weapons from partners for the de-occupation of the territories occupied by the Russians. Discussion continues in the United States on providing Ukraine with all the necessary weapons.

About thisChannel 24said the Russian publicist and opposition politician Andrey Piontkovsky. According to him, the Joe Biden administration continues to discuss the need to provide weapons to Ukraine and there are outspoken supporters of an early end to the war with a victory for Ukraine.

What Biden thinks

Andrei Piontkovsky said that discussions are underway in the administration of the American president around the supply of the necessary weapons for Ukraine. One of the biggest proponents of the supply is Michael McFaul, not formally in the Joe Biden administration but informally leading the Yermak-McFaul group dealing with sanctions and Russia's future responsibility for the war.

McFaul is not formally a member of the Biden administration, but he is very close to it, and informally he holds a very important position, he is the co-chairman of the Yermak-McFaul group, the oppositionist noted.

The Russian opposition leader commented on McFaul's latest tweet, which he considers to be a report from the Oval Office. In this tweet, an American politician speaks about the importance of an immediate end to the genocide of the Ukrainian people, and not about the future consequences for Russia.

Andriy Piontkovsky on the US decision to provide weapons to Ukraine: watch the video

“I read this and I know these people and McFaul himself, and some others who participated. I don't know, maybe this discussion has already been completed, or maybe it will be decided in the coming days,” Piontkovsky said.

Piontkovsky is also sure that thanks to the support of the allies of Great Britain and Germany, the issue of the supply of weapons will be resolved in the near future.

Weapons from the USA : the main thing

  • The United States continues to help Ukraine destroy Russians, supplying the most weapons of all partner countries. The total amount of military assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion has already reached more than $18 billion.
  • Andriy Piontkovsky believes that the West is afraid of Russia's weakness, and therefore delays the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine. A defeat in Russia could start a civil war with an unknown outcome.
  • The United States agreed to transfer Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine a year after the fight for their supply began. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine believes that this will open up opportunities for the supply of other weapons, in particular tanks, drones and ATACMS.

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