Dismembered and taken to the former occupied territory: an 80-year-old Kharkiv citizen brutally killed a guest


Dismembered and taken to the former occupied territory: an 80-year-old Kharkiv citizen brutally killed a guest< /p>

In Kharkiv, an 80-year-old pensioner brutally murdered a man whom he invited to visit. After that, he dismembered the body and took the remains out of the city – to the territory of the garden society, which used to be under occupation.

A 45-year-old woman turned to law enforcement officers on January 21. She stated that she found the body of a man without a head and hands in her father's apartment.

The pensioner fled after the murder

The daughter of the detainee said that the last time her 80-year-old father got in touch a few days ago and no longer reminded of himself. Therefore, she decided to visit his house, where she saw a terrible picture. When examining the scene of the incident, employees of the investigative group seized material evidence:

  • the clothes of the deceased,
  • possible murder weapons.

Investigators launched a pre-trial investigation and opened criminal proceedings for “premeditated murder.” When working out the adjacent territory, the criminal police officers conducted a door-to-door interview of the residents of the high-rise building.

They found out that the applicant's father had talked with an 84-year-old resident of the district who lives in a neighboring house the day before. Law enforcement officers quickly established the victim's place of residence and found out that the pensioner had not been home for 2 days.

An autopsy showed that it was this citizen who had been killed. The applicant's father, who is also the owner of the apartment where the murder took place, turned off his mobile phones and fled in an unknown direction, the police reported. and friendships, as well as oriented police and patrol squads to search.

Law enforcement officers found the attacker

Finally, the police found the intruder at a bus stop down Akademika Pavlova Street when leaving Kharkiv. He explained to the investigators that on the afternoon of January 19 he met the victim on the street and invited him to visit. There they drank alcohol.

“The feast dragged on until the evening, at which time a quarrel arose between the men. The guest angered the owner of the apartment and he hit him several times with an ax in the face, after which he calmly went to sleep,” the statement says. police report.

The next morning, the pensioner saw what he had done and decided to get rid of the body. To hide the traces of the crime, he dismembered the body and the next day took out his parts on a wheelbarrow outside of Kharkov. The attacker buried the remains on the territory of the garden plot.

After that, the man wanted to go to the territory of another region, and then leave Ukraine. However, on the way, he was detained by the criminal investigation department.

The police found parts of the body of the murdered man in the place where the detainee indicated. The man has been charged with murder. He faces up to 15 years behind bars.

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