Disney will first introduce a non-binary character into its cartoon

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Disney will first introduce a non-binary character into its cartoon

Disney has decided to introduce the first non-binary character in the children's animated series The Owl House. Reported by The Independent.

The character, named Rain, is voiced by non-binary actor Avi Roque. In his Twitter account, the actor called the studio's decision a dream come true.

It is noted that this case is the first official appearance of a non-binary character in a cartoon that is broadcasted by the Disney TV channel.

The creator of the series, Dana Terrace, noted that some representatives of Disney were opposed to the appearance of individual characters in the animated series. “During [the production of the series], I was very open about my intention to include the queer community as a hero,” she said last August. “When we were given the green light, some Disney executives told me that I would not be able to display unconventional relationships between characters.”

The story in the series “House of the Owl” unfolds around the adventures of a teenage girl who finds herself in a magical world, where she has to master a witchcraft.

Earlier, Roskomnadzor warned Disney TV about the inadmissibility of distributing content harmful to children. This happened after the Disney company presented the short animated film Out, the main character of which has a gay sexual orientation. The press service of the TV channel later replied that the aforementioned cartoon was not planned to be shown in Russia.

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