Diy's survey on arms trafficking: Reznikov supported the initiative and explained why it is relevant


DI's survey on the circulation of weapons: Reznikov supported the initiative and explained why it is relevant

Reznikov spoke about the legalization of the circulation of weapons/Alexei Reznikov

Dia has launched a survey on the legalization of the circulation of weapons for the civilian population. The initiative was also supported by Aleksey Reznikov, who stated that he was a supporter of the legalization of weapons.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov spoke about the new Action poll and confirmed that he is fully in favor of the legalization of weapons.

In his Facebook post, Reznikov noted that he has long been a supporter of the liberalization of the circulation of weapons among Ukrainian citizens. Therefore, he willingly supported the survey and is going to take part in it.

The Minister of Defense stated that he would not choose the option as a defense official and not as a person who loves shooting ranges and shooting ranges, but would answer as a lawyer.

Firstly, I want to immediately discard my fears, they say, to discuss this topic and make a decision “not at the right time”, because the war. Precisely because of the war, long overdue decisions must finally be made. Among them – and this, – said Reznikov.

He stressed that when there was a full-scale invasion of Russian infidels into Ukraine, tens of thousands of citizens were able to get automatic weapons to protect their homes and loved ones. The receipt of weapons occurred, according to Reznikov, in the most liberal way. The Minister of Defense emphasized that in many situations the decision to distribute weapons to civilians was a decisive factor.

Also, according to Reznikov, problems arose, because you need a desire to own a weapon and the ability to handle it safely. Before that, there were millions of weapons in circulation in the country. Among them – undeclared. I believe that Ukraine needs not only liberalization, but also the legalization of the circulation of weapons. Compilation. Formation of a culture of safe and responsible attitude to weapons, Reznikov said.

In addition, the Minister of Defense recalled that the law allows Ukrainian citizens to use any weapon against the enemy. Therefore, according to Reznikov, one should not create new bans, but rather regulate the use of weapons – for this it is necessary to form a shooting culture.

The effective use of weapons is not only personal skills, it is also a state of mind and the availability of appropriate infrastructure. I am convinced that in Ukraine it is necessary to develop a network of shooting ranges, shooting galleries, shooting clubs, and relevant competitions. So that every citizen who meets reasonable requirements can learn how to use weapons, maintain skills and, most importantly, perceive a certain culture,” Reznikov said.

The Minister of Defense summed up that the possession of weapons is, first of all, a great responsibility, and people who have legal weapons should be vigilant and careful.

There is a fairly common phrase, that weapons make a man free. I am convinced that weapons should make a person responsible in the first place. Free and responsible citizens will make Ukraine irresistible,” Reznikov wrote.

What is known about the survey

In Action On May 25, a survey on the circulation of firearms in Ukraine was launched. It was developed jointly with the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

To express their opinion, Ukrainians need to go to the Action application in the “Services” section. The next step is to go to the “Poll” and choose your option about the circulation of firearms in Ukraine.

In general, Ukrainians were offered three answers:

  • for special needs;
  • for personal protection;
  • I am against it.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation stressed that the survey will last 7 days. All Ukrainians who are over 18 years old will be able to take part in it.

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