Do not be silent, talk about the genocide in Bucha, – the host of Channel 24 turned to Ukrainians in Europe


Don't be silent, talk about the genocide in Bucha, – channel 24 host addressed Ukrainians in Europe

Channel 24 host addressed Ukrainians in Europe/Channel 24 collage< p _ngcontent-sc83="" class="news-annotation">Russia has been spreading powerful propaganda throughout Europe and the world for years. Therefore, some publications may spread lies about the atrocities of Putin's soldiers in the Kiev region.

Channel 24 host Igor Gavrishchak turned to refugees from Ukraine who were forced to leave for Europe because of the war. He urged them to tell Europeans about the genocide of Ukrainians in Bucha, which Russia did.

Russia is the new Nazi Germany

Russia screams that the tragedy in Buche – “provocation”, bodies – “staging”. They call their criminal actions and murders of Ukrainians a lie and a fake. The worst thing is that they spread it in Europe.

“I appeal to the refugees: you know the truth. For example, in Italy there are many channels that cover only what Russia says. You are not silent, tell the people of Europe, Italians, Spaniards, French, as it really is,” the presenter said.

Don't be silent, because there must be counter-propaganda. Just tell me,” Igor Gavrishchak urged.

He stressed that it is important to explain to the Europeans what kind of aggressor Russia is, that it is the new Nazi Germany.

Notice that the Russians admitted that killed Ukrainians: watch the video

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