Do not believe nonsense – SBU on Russia's attempts to accuse Ukraine of shelling of Transnistria


Don't believe the nonsense, – SBU about Russia's attempts to accuse Ukraine of shelling Transnistria

SBU responded to Russia's attempts to accuse Ukraine of shelling Transnistria/Collage of Channel 24

Residents of the unrecognized Transnistria received messages from allegedly the Security Service of Ukraine. In fact, they are fake and sent by the Russian special services.

The SBU denies involvement in provocative sms messages. Experts urged not to believe fakes.

We urge you not to believe this nonsense and understand that all residents of Pridnestrovie and all of Europe as a whole have one main threat – Russia, which, due to of inadequate actions of its leadership is ready to arrange any provocation, the SBU noted.

What is known about the new provocation

Ukrainian intelligence has established that Russia is inflict rocket or artillery shelling on Transnistria. The armed forces of Ukraine want to blame this. The aggressor state has already sent people fake messages from supposedly Ukrainian military.

They allegedly “APU” call on local residents to evacuate. Anyone who fails to do so will be killed without notice. The invaders even indicate the exact time of the shelling – 19:00.

Note that Ukraine was not involved in this provocation.

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