Do not even remember: propagandists in Russia were ordered to forget about the head of Wagner Prigogine


Wagner PMC leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is increasingly appearing in the media and pulling the rope. This obviously does not please the Kremlin, in particular Putin and Defense Minister Shoigu, so they “recommend” their propagandists not to mention him at all.

Obviously, there has already been a split in the leadership of the hostile state, because the Russian “elites” cannot share the glory of victories that do not exist anyway. Channel 24, citing sources in the special services, informs that Kremlin propagandists were ordered to “remove” the Wagner leader from television and the press.

Only good about Shoigu, nothing about Prigogine

At the disposal of the editors there were manuals, which clearly indicate how the Kremlin dogs should cover the full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine. It speaks not only about Prigozhin, but also, say, about the former commander of the occupying forces, Sergei Surovikin. It must be mentioned only in a neutral context.

But the leader of the PMC and his mercenaries were ordered not to speak at all. In the case when this is not possible, the wording should be used not “members of Prigozhin's battalion”, but “volunteers of the assault detachments”.

Do not quote Yevgeny Prigozhin's statements about the situation in the “Special Military Operation” zone on the territory of Ukraine in the media and on the Internet, the document says.

Also in the temniks, Putin's pseudo-informers are “offered” each time to focus on the “successful work” of the head of the Ministry of Defense, Shoigu. Propagandists should sing panegyrics to the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces – that is, the new commander of the occupying forces Valery Gerasimov – and his ward military leaders.

Propagandists in Russia were ordered not to mention Prigozhin/Channel 24 Information

Shoigu should be praised on television/Data from Channel 24

Prigozhin is going to “seize” Europe

  • Despite the obvious misunderstandings within the Russian “elites”, the Wagner ringleader hints in public that he “doesn't worry” about anything at all. In fact, he even recently gave an interview in which he voiced another portion of insanity with his mouth.
  • Prigozhin said that it could take up to three years for his mercenaries to capture the whole of Ukraine, but they will not stop there and will go further to Europe – up to the English Channel.
  • Obviously, this should not be taken seriously, because a year after the start of a large-scale war, the invaders failed to achieve any success on the battlefield. The collapse of Russia is not far off and it seems that this is also being added to this inside a hostile state.

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