“Do not forget about Ukraine”: 335 sunflowers were planted in the center of New York in support of Ukrainians


In honor of the National Day of Unification of Ukraine, an installation of 335 sunflowers was placed in New York. One for each day of full scale war.

An installation of 335 sunflowers was placed on Flatiron Plaza in New York as part of the United Ukraine campaign. This was told by the organizers of the Unify Ukraine Campaign.

Each flower symbolizes one day of a full-scale war

From January 19 to 22, New Yorkers can visit the open-air sunflower garden and be part of a moment in which you can express your support for the struggle for the liberation and reunification of the land and the people.

Visitors are invited to take pictures against the backdrop of a sunflower garden and share photos on social networks with the hashtag #UnifyUkraine and express support for millions of refugees and those left at home to fight for freedom, the organizers of the action said.

Photos from social networks:

How foreigners take part in the flash mob

Following the hashtag on Instagram, you can see touching messages. People distribute photos of sunflowers and support Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. In particular, here are some of the posts:

  • “Don't forget about Ukraine. The Ukrainian people are still fighting hard to maintain their sovereignty and resources”,
  • “Ukrainians should know that they are not alone in their struggle to liberate their nation from Russian occupation”,
  • “For peace, for democracy, for freedom, for human rights, for universal values… For peace and unity… for Ukraine”,
  • “January 22 is the Day of Unification of Ukraine. God grant peace and justice. We pray for the people Ukraine today and every day until this war ends!”

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